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Insurance & Billing


Payment for office visits is due at the time of service. We ask that you make any required copayment at time of service. Contact your insurance provider to verify applicable co-pays if you are uncertain. We accept cash, checks, money orders, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and debit cards.

Please contact our billing office at (334) 793-6511, or call your insurance carrier should you have questions regarding your policy.

Insurance Coverage

We participate with most local and national insurance plans and also accept patients with Medicare. However, it is the responsibility of the patient to understand whether your insurance has limits on the doctors you can see, or the services you can receive. Please be aware that under new policies resulting from the Affordable Care Act, our physicians MAY NOT be in network. It is the patient’s responsibility to verify in-network status.

We can give you the information you need to verify coverage with your insurance carrier’s member services department (please note that patients are responsible for verifying coverage). And if coverage isn’t available for the procedure you need, our billing department will work with you on an alternative method of payment.

Insurance Claims

Your protected health information will be used, as needed, to obtain payment for your health care services. This may include certain activities we may need to undertake before your health care insurer approves or pays for the health care services recommended for you, such as determining eligibility or coverage for benefits, reviewing services provided to you for medical necessity, and undertaking utilization review activities. For example, obtaining approval for a surgical procedure might require that your relevant protected health information be disclosed to obtain approval to perform the procedure at a particular facility.


If you provide complete and accurate information about your insurance, we will submit claims to your insurance carrier. Depending on your insurance coverage, you may be responsible for co-payments, co-insurance, or other deductible amounts.

Patient Portal

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